How Your Donation Helps

Our mission is to find a cure for Coats’ Disease, a rare eye disorder that can cause blindness. To accomplish that, we believe that it is necessary to inform patients and medical practitioners about this rare disease and to encourage research into the causes of and treatments for Coats’ Disease.  The four pillars of our Foundation are: Raise Awareness, Raise Funds, Fund Research, and Build a Patient Registry to gather data for use by researchers.

Your generous donation enables us to:

  • Sponsor events to raise awareness.
  • Engage a network of volunteers around the world to help us achieve our mission.
  • Offer grants that encourage researchers to explore the causes of Coats’ Disease.
  • Endow scholarships to Ophthalmologists to inspire them to specialize in Coats’ Disease and other rare eye disorders.
  • Donate money for research to improve treatments and to find a cure. See the announcement about our recent gift to the Wilmer Eye Institute.
  • Create and maintain a comprehensive directory of Coats’ Disease specialists.
  • Expand the Patient Registry as a source of comprehensive, accessible data for researchers.

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