Wilmer Eye Institute at Johns Hopkins

The Foundation is pleased to be supporting The Wilmer Eye Institute at Johns Hopkins as they establish the Jack Mcgovern Coats’ Disease Foundation National Tissue Biobank. In the words of Dr. Akrit Sodhi who will be directing the Biobank:

“This biobank will support my own lab’s Coats research program, which will focus on the identification of novel vascular hyper-permeability factors for the treatment of Coats disease. In addition, the power of a well-characterized biobank will extend to the researchers at The Wilmer Eye Institute as well as to vision scientists across the country who can use aqueous, vitreous, and/or serum samples from patients with Coats disease to answer diverse questions ranging from diagnostic markers and predictors for sensitivity to anti-VEGF therapy to the identification of new therapeutic targets for Coats disease.”

Both Dr. Sodhi and the Foundation see this biobank as a major step forward in increasing collaborations among Coats’ doctors and researchers, and in encouraging other researchers to explore Coats’ Disease in their labs.

Read the press release.