My name is Sydney. I am 24 years old and I was diagnosed with Coats’ at the age of 4. My mom first realized something was wrong when we went to the movies to see Tarzan. I was playing behind the seats and I asked her “Hey mom, which eye do you see out of?” From then on, it was appointment after appointment and I was finally given a diagnosis. My mom and doctors also noticed I had a glow in my eye when as took pictures with flash, so all of my childhood pictures have me with a glow in my eye. My retina had to be saved in order to save my eye. I received the eye-saving surgery but am still left with no vision in the left eye.

In 2008, when I was 13, with a blind eye came a lazy eye, so I got strabismus surgery to straighten out the eye. I was told that when I’m 18, I’d have to get the surgery again because the eye will move again. I am 24 and the eye hasn’t budged. It’s perfect, I live my life normally, aside from bumping into some things when I walk. The upside, I played sports up until college, as a starter for most teams (softball, basketball), I can drive well, I can do anything I want to do normally. It is so great to see an organization showing recognition towards something not many people, nor doctors, know about.