My name is Ryan Stach and I am 25 years old. I was diagnosed with Coats’ Disease when I was seven. After going through six laser eye surgeries the following two years, the Coats’ in my right eye went into remission. By the age of 18, my superior vision had been worn down from the surgeries, leaving me with partial blindness in my right eye. Recently, I have found out that the Coats’ was discovered in my left eye, though I have yet to see any significant change in my dominant eye’s vision. Luckily, it has been caught early on. Despite being partially blind in my right eye (and now with Coats’ being detected in my left eye) I am still proud to say that I work as a photographer in the Austin, Texas area.

I discovered the Jack McGovern Coats’ Disease Foundation while looking for a new doctor in Austin. Reading everyone’s stories has inspired me to continue my work as a photographer, especially after finding out that the Coats’ had spread to my left eye. It’s amazing to see everyone overcoming this and continuing to lead normal day-to-day lives. I appreciate you all for being so inspirational. I hope there will come a day where we understand this disease better and even find a cure for it. Regardless, I am proud of everyone to continue moving forward!