Caleb’s Story: My son lost his left eye on March 8, 2018 after being diagnosed with Coats’ Disease on January 12, 2018. Below is his video we made for local news channels of Caleb’s story when they learned he was the first boy in Florida to lose his eye to a disease that is too […]


Trystn’s Story: Last year during a school physical, I got a letter in the mail that Trystn failed his eye test in one eye, mainly stating that it was a little lazy. We didn’t have health insurance at the time, and I did see it as a big deal. Well, I was on Facebook and […]


Andreas’ Story: About 6 years ago, I had taken my son, Andreas (age 4 at the time), to the eye doctor because I thought he had poor vision. Around that time, he was just beginning to read, and I noticed he would get close as he was attempting to read, so I thought he would […]


Jack’s Story: For a couple months, Mike and I had been noticing that Jack’s right eye was lazy at times. When I took Jack and one of his sisters to the pediatrician for a physical at the beginning of June 2015, the pediatrician didn’t see anything wrong with Jack’s eye. But he asked me to […]


Eva’s Story: In May 2017, my son (age 7) was due for a checkup at the optician. While there, I asked the optician if it would be worth getting my daughter Eva’s (age 3) eyes tested. I thought if she needed glasses and figured it would be better if she had them early on. The […]


Ian’s Story: A letter came home. My soon to be four-year-old failed an eye screen at school, but just in one eye. “Does he know his alphabet?” the screener asked. “He can read,” responds his teacher. I call all the doctors they gave me to get an appointment as soon as possible. After all, I’m […]

Jeff T.

Jeff’s Story: When I was 8, I remember playing in the front yard when one of my eyes was “blinking” without me blinking my eye. I remember being sort of scared, so I ran to my Mother and explained to her what was happening. At first she didn’t believe me, but I kept complaining that I […]

Oliver N.

Oliver’s Story: It was October 2017 and my husband was getting our 2-year-old son, Oliver, ready for bed. He shouted for me, saying “Jo, come look at this!” I felt sick as soon as I saw it. By laying directly under the ceiling light in his bedroom I could, what I can only describe, as ‘see […]


Oliver’s story: Oliver had just turned 3 when in November 2016 his key worker at nursery noticed right eye wandering, especially when he was tired or concentrating. An appointment was made with the GP who wasn’t able to see this happen but thankfully made a referral to an ophthalmologist. The appointment wasn’t until February 2017 […]

Scott McCrady

“My name is Scott Jerome McCrady and I was diagnosed with Coats’ disease when I was 5 years old and couldn’t pass my elementary school eye exam. My parents took me to an optometrist and then a retinal specialist in my home town. The retinal specialist suspected Coats’ disease and referred us to a specialist […]