Written by Paola Aldana, Christian’s mom. “God bless moms for their God given intuition for it was my mom, whom, when my baby was around one, first noticed something was not “normal” with his left eye. She told me that if I observed him closely that I would notice his left eye involuntarily wander, or, […]


Written by his father, Tyson. “When Ashley was about 2 years old, we started to notice that he might be having issues with his eyes. Ashley’s mom would play peek-a-boo with him in the morning and one morning noticed something seemed off, as if he was staring through her. She also noticed that one eye […]


Written by his mother, Melissa. “My son, Matthew, was older when he was diagnosed 3 years ago at the age of 12. We had been treating him for a “lazy” eye but could not get him to wear the patch over his left eye to strengthen his right/lazy eye. While my husband was deployed we […]


Written by his mother, Tiffany. “Our son Tobin was young when I first noticed that his eye would have a yellow glow in it when I would take his picture with a flash. He was about 3-4 years old. I said something to my husband Curtis about it. He said take him to get it […]


This story was written by Ryker’s mother, Kim. “I took my son to his 3 year check up in June 2014. Our pediatrician spent some time looking at his eyes. She went back and forth with her light. She said she was going to refer him to the eye specialist because she noticed a slight […]


“I was diagnosed with Coats’ disease when I was 5. Soon after, I developed pressure buildup to such a painful degree that removal of my eye, or enucleation, was necessary. The thought of enucleation was much worse than the reality. For me, the surgery was the answer to the end of horrific pain. When I […]

Megan & Benjamin

Megan Webber was introduced to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles in September of 2009 when her second son, Benjamin, then age 5, was diagnosed with Coats disease. His journey would ultimately sparked Know The Glow, which Megan is Co-Founder. She is also on the Advisory Board of The Vision Center at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and […]