Saturday, October 12. It was a normal day and Matthew was playing. Adam, my husband and his dad, noticed for a split second that Matthew had a haze over his right eye, but after that we couldn’t really see it in different types of light. So, we played a game with Matthew by covering his […]


This picture. THIS PICTURE! If only I had known about “the glow” when I took this picture. We had just changed the lighting in our living room the morning and I took pictures for our family Christmas cards. Why does Ethan’s eye have this odd glow? These damn lights. I was convinced that the new […]


In February of 2017, my 5-year-old son, Malaki, went in for a routine eye exam where we lived in Illinois. When his exam was finished, we were informed that he needed to be referred to a specialist, as something was wrong with the retina of his right eye. As a parent, I became very concerned […]


My name is Sydney. I am 24 years old and I was diagnosed with Coats’ at the age of 4. My mom first realized something was wrong when we went to the movies to see Tarzan. I was playing behind the seats and I asked her “Hey mom, which eye do you see out of?” […]


I was diagnosed with coats disease when I was 14 years old. One day I noticed there was a black spot in the middle of my right eye when I would look out through it. So, I told my parents and they took me the our general doctor. Our doctor checked my eye out and […]


I was diagnosed with Coats’ Disease at the age of two in 1997. After a long time of being unwell, various doctors saying different things, and a noticeable glare on photos in my left eye, my parents took me to Queens Medical Centre to seek answers. Within hours, my parents were told I had Coats’ […]


So, after 16 years of being diagnosed with an eye condition, I’ve finally decided to share my story. I was very ill at just two-years-old and wanted to sleep constantly. I was taken to London Hospital where I was told I had Coats’ Disease after many tests and finding out my eye pressure was extremely […]


This is Oliver. He is 4 years old and is diagnosed stage 3 Coats’ Disease. We live in sunny Queensland, Australia. Oliver actively participates in martial arts, bjj, gymnastics, and swimming. It’s hard to determine when his Coats’ journey truly began, but I started noticing at age 2 one of his eyes sometimes inverted. I […]


When Giovanni was 2 months old, I sensed something was off with his left eye. I would occasionally catch the eye drifting, and others just couldn’t see it. Everyone thought I was a crazy first-time mom. When I expressed my concerns to his pediatrician, he told us that Giovanni’s eyes were fine, and they were […]


At Riggs’ 2-year-old check up in September 2018 he was flagged for having a “weak” right eye that seemed slightly lazy. Our pediatrician assured us that it’s just a phase but referred us to an eye doctor to be safe. Riggs’ eye doctor determined that he was farsighted and did have a lazy eye. He […]