I was diagnosed with coats disease when I was 14 years old. One day I noticed there was a black spot in the middle of my right eye when I would look out through it. So, I told my parents and they took me the our general doctor. Our doctor checked my eye out and […]


I was diagnosed with Coats’ Disease at the age of two in 1997. After a long time of being unwell, various doctors saying different things, and a noticeable glare on photos in my left eye, my parents took me to Queens Medical Centre to seek answers. Within hours, my parents were told I had Coats’ […]


So, after 16 years of being diagnosed with an eye condition, I’ve finally decided to share my story. I was very ill at just two-years-old and wanted to sleep constantly. I was taken to London Hospital where I was told I had Coats’ Disease after many tests and finding out my eye pressure was extremely […]


This is Oliver. He is 4 years old and is diagnosed stage 3 Coats’ Disease. We live in sunny Queensland, Australia. Oliver actively participates in martial arts, bjj, gymnastics, and swimming. It’s hard to determine when his Coats’ journey truly began, but I started noticing at age 2 one of his eyes sometimes inverted. I […]


When Giovanni was 2 months old, I sensed something was off with his left eye. I would occasionally catch the eye drifting, and others just couldn’t see it. Everyone thought I was a crazy first-time mom. When I expressed my concerns to his pediatrician, he told us that Giovanni’s eyes were fine, and they were […]


At Riggs’ 2-year-old check up in September 2018 he was flagged for having a “weak” right eye that seemed slightly lazy. Our pediatrician assured us that it’s just a phase but referred us to an eye doctor to be safe. Riggs’ eye doctor determined that he was farsighted and did have a lazy eye. He […]


My daughter, Averie, was diagnosed with Coats’ Disease at the age of four. I noticed that there was a glare in one of her eyes when I would take her picture. I came across a Facebook article that gave the warning signs for eye conditions related to the glare. I decided to take my daughter […]


My soon to be 5-year-old son, Mailo, was diagnosed with Coats’ Disease a few weeks ago during a routine eye exam. He’s been wearing glasses since the age of three for minor shortsightedness, which runs in the family. The affected blood vessels are not near his main optic nerve so he never had any symptoms […]


Hi, my name is Shaye and I am six years old. From around age three my mum and dad noticed I was a bit wobbly on my feet and was always tripping over. I got sent for hearing tests and occupational therapy (even physio) to rule out any issues that could be causing this. No […]


My name is Francesca Mulhall and I have Coats’ Disease. When I was 10 years old, I noticed there was something wrong with my left eye. At first I thought nothing of it until I saw it again. I knew something was wrong. I was going blind in my eye. I had said it to […]