I was diagnosed with coats disease when I was 14 years old. One day I noticed there was a black spot in the middle of my right eye when I would look out through it. So, I told my parents and they took me the our general doctor. Our doctor checked my eye out and immediately called a ophthalmologist for an appointment right away. She was worried that she saw a tumor.

So, we drive to the eye center place right away and saw the specialist. They didn’t know what it was either. FYI, I used to be a boxer so they thought I was losing my vision because of that. On the first day they didn’t find out what it was, so they set another appointment for the next day. This time they took some x-rays of my right eye and I saw a surgeon. After what seemed like forever, they finally found what it was. Thank God it wasn’t cancer or tumor, but unfortunately, it was Coats’ Disease. He said it was at a far stage since it was leaking but they were going to try everything they can to make my eye better.

For a whole year, once every month, I would go see the surgeon and get a shot in my right eye. It was suppose to to stop the leaking. It slowed down the process but it didn’t work. They did laser eye surgery and they did manage to stop the leaking, but I was never going to get my vision again because of the scarring. That only worked for about a year or two, then I noticed more vision loss and my eye becoming misaligned. I went to go see my doctor again and they said my eye started leaking again and there was nothing they can do since they don’t want to risk damaging my eye.

They could have saved my eye when I was younger, but the doctor misdiagnosed me and said I was allergic to tropic weather or something since I would always rub my eyes. So, long story short, this is a unpleasant disease to have and I hope you guys find a cure for this. I’m 20 years old now, and currently looking to get a prosthetic eye or a scleral shell to fix my blind lazy eye thanks to this stupid disease. So best of luck and I hope you guys find a cure for this soon !