Hello, my name is Ciolacu and I live in the Republic of Moldova. I am a violinist. When I was 13 years old, I was practicing the violin and I closed my left eye. I realized that I could not see with my right eye. The next day, I went with my mother to the nearest ophthalmologist. They examined me and told me it was possible I had cancer. The next day, I went for a CT scan and found out that I didn’t have cancer. After that, I went to the best ophthalmology clinic in Chisinau and finally, after four days of examinations, the doctors said that I have Coats’ Disease. I needed surgery, but in the Republic of Moldova it is not safe to treat me. They told me to go to Russia or Germany.

I went to Germany because my father lived there and after two months, the doctors did laser surgery. The operation went well, but after two months I went back for a follow-up and the doctors said that the leaks did not stop. A few days later, they did another laser surgery. After that, everything went well, and the leaks had stopped.

Today, I am 15 years old. I go for check-ups once a year. This experience gave me more self-confidence and I hope that doctors and scientists will find a cure for this disease.