My son, Charles,  was diagnosed with Coats’ Disease when he was one year old. He had a pediatrician visit for his one year check up and they did a vision test, which showed his right eye wasn’t aligning correctly. They thought it might be a lazy eye and referred us to a pediatric ophthalmologist, who thought it might be a lazy eye. We began to notice when we looked at him at just the right moment his right eye would turn outward. We immediately knew something just wasn’t right.

We got a second opinion and they suspected it might be Coats’ Disease but wanted Charles to see a Retinoblastoma specialist to rule that out. We were then told it was for sure Coats’ Disease and not Retinoblastoma. They told us he was Stage 4. We were then referred to Dr. Karl Olson at Retina Vitreous Consultants in Pittsburgh. Dr. Olson confirmed he has Stage 4 Coats’ Disease after he had an EUA (exam under anesthesia).

Charles retina is fully detached. Charles has had many exams under anesthesia with laser treatment and one drainage surgery. Charles is a very resilient little boy. He never lets anything stop him. We love his glasses – he looks adorable!