My son, Braydan, is nine months old. When he was just four months old, our world came to a screeching halt. At two months old, our pediatrician referred us to PT for  what she thought was torticollis. After three sessions with the PT, she referred us to an ophthalmologist following a hunch that something “was […]


This is our bright, bubbly, energetic, funny, joyful, and handsome son, Mason. When he was four weeks old, we started to recognize something seemed a bit off. He was not meeting developmental bench marks appropriate for his age and did not respond to us the way one would think a new baby would respond to […]


Our journey with Coats’ Disease began May 2018. I had started noticing my son’s eye would wonder off, so I immediately took him to his pediatrician, and she referred me to an eye doctor. The wait to get into the eye clinic was two months, as were most of the children’s eye clinics where we […]


Saturday, October 12. It was a normal day and Matthew was playing. Adam, my husband and his dad, noticed for a split second that Matthew had a haze over his right eye, but after that we couldn’t really see it in different types of light. So, we played a game with Matthew by covering his […]


This picture. THIS PICTURE! If only I had known about “the glow” when I took this picture. We had just changed the lighting in our living room the morning and I took pictures for our family Christmas cards. Why does Ethan’s eye have this odd glow? These damn lights. I was convinced that the new […]


In February of 2017, my 5-year-old son, Malaki, went in for a routine eye exam where we lived in Illinois. When his exam was finished, we were informed that he needed to be referred to a specialist, as something was wrong with the retina of his right eye. As a parent, I became very concerned […]


My name is Sydney. I am 24 years old and I was diagnosed with Coats’ at the age of 4. My mom first realized something was wrong when we went to the movies to see Tarzan. I was playing behind the seats and I asked her “Hey mom, which eye do you see out of?” […]


I was diagnosed with coats disease when I was 14 years old. One day I noticed there was a black spot in the middle of my right eye when I would look out through it. So, I told my parents and they took me the our general doctor. Our doctor checked my eye out and […]


I was diagnosed with Coats’ Disease at the age of two in 1997. After a long time of being unwell, various doctors saying different things, and a noticeable glare on photos in my left eye, my parents took me to Queens Medical Centre to seek answers. Within hours, my parents were told I had Coats’ […]


So, after 16 years of being diagnosed with an eye condition, I’ve finally decided to share my story. I was very ill at just two-years-old and wanted to sleep constantly. I was taken to London Hospital where I was told I had Coats’ Disease after many tests and finding out my eye pressure was extremely […]