Support the STAT Act, H.R. 1730/S. 670!


You are a critical piece of the legislative process. You can make a difference by making your voice heard by your senators and representatives.

The Speeding Therapy Access Today, or STAT Act, H.R. 1730/S. 670, is a bipartisan bill that was created with the input of the rare disease community aimed at improving the development of and access to therapies for the rare disease community. The centerpiece of the STAT Act is the creation of a Rare Disease Center of Excellence at the US Food and Drug Administration. The STAT Act will:

  • Accelerate rare disease therapy development,
  • Optimize interagency coordination,
  • Advance science-based regulatory policies, and
  • Facilitate access to therapies.

Now that the STAT Act has been introduced in the House and the Senate, we need to make sure Members of Congress know the rare disease community needs – and expects – them to act by cosponsoring this bill today.

Take action at!

To contact your Members of Congress and ask them to co-sponsor the STAT Act, complete the fields in the message to the right, then click ‘Send Message’.  You can edit the message to include your personal experiences with rare diseases too.

That’s it, you’re done….almost. Share the action alert with your family, friends, co-workers and any other people who might be interested in acting on behalf of the rare disease community.

Lastly, do you have 5 more minutes to support the STAT Act? Phone calls to Congressional offices are simple and effective. Phones are answered by staff and they report on every issue they receive calls about so your Members of Congress will know you care about the STAT Act.  Click “CALL” in the upper right hand box to view a suggested phone message and to find your Member’s phone number.

Thank you for your support of the STAT Act!

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