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Grant Guidelines

The Jack McGovern Coats’ Disease Foundation supports medical research specific to Coats’ Disease and other retinal diseases which may lead to a cure or improve treatments and understanding of the pathophysiology for Coats’ Disease. The Foundation encourages research and, when applicable, collaboration among researchers working in the area of Coats’ Disease. We support clinical or basic research. Examples of research focus include, but are not limited to: screening for Coats’ Disease; treatment to prevent vision loss from macular exudation; pathophysiology of vascular pathology in Coats’; vision protection and rehabilitation; assessment of vision loss in children with Coats’; and vision restoration.

Applications will be considered by the Foundation’s Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) based on scientific merit and the alignment with the goals and priorities of the Foundation.  Proposals will also be accepted from Postdoctoral Fellows and Junior Researchers. There are two parts to the application process necessary for funding: the acceptance of a letter of intent and invitation to prepare a full proposal, followed by review and approval of a full proposal.

Letters of Intent are required by January 1 or July 1. Those submitting letters of intent will be notified within approximately four weeks after the Letters are reviewed February 1 or August 1. If the intended research project passes the review, the Foundation will request a full research grant proposal. Please note that approval of the Letter of Intent does not guarantee approval of the Research Grant Proposal. Please see the following paragraph for timeline and process for Research Grant Proposals.  Notification will be emailed or mailed to the Principal Investigator.

Research Grant Proposals will be accepted twice a year; submission deadlines are April 1 or October 1. Proposals will be reviewed twice a year on May 1 or November 1. Applicants will receive notification of their status within two months after the review. Notification will be emailed or mailed to the Principal Investigator.


Details about the Jack McGovern Coats’ Disease Foundation Grants:
  • Size of Grants: Annual Grants will be up to $25,000.
  • Multi-year grants: Grants will be for one year. Renewal is possible for grants showing substantial progress to Coats’-related work and will be considered for up to two years.
  • Measurability/Accountability: Six-month progress reports are required to receive the second installment of the funding in the first year. Subsequent funding, if requested, will be determined based on these progress reports.
  • Jack McGovern Coats’ Disease Foundation must be acknowledged in abstracts, presentations, poster sessions, papers and publications resulting from Foundation-funded research.
  • Jack McGovern Coats’ Disease Foundation adheres to the NIH salary cap for principal investigator(s) for the current year.
  • Funds from the Foundation may not be used for overhead costs. No costs will be funded by the Foundation for University or School of Medicine or departmental costs.
  • If utilizing a sub-contractor, you must include this in the budget. No overhead costs will be paid to the subcontractor.


Payment of Grants

Payments will be made in two equal installments – the first when the grant is approved and the second after receipt of the six-month, mid-term progress report has passed review.

Letters of Intent and Research Proposals may be submitted to:
Deborah Marron
via email to: [email protected]

Letters of Intent must include:
  • No more than 2 pages, single-spaced, Arial Font 11 pts. minimum, one-inch margins
  • Name(s) of Researcher(s)
  • Contact information
  • Name of University/ Company/ Business Practice
  • CV of Principal investigator(s) and background of the organization
  • Title of Study
  • Abstract of Proposed Research Project including a brief discussion on current gaps in
    knowledge and how the findings from the proposed research may contribute to the
    development of a cure or an improved treatment for the disease
  • Letter is to include the purpose or question to be tested, rationale, design, method of analysis and timeline for study
  • The budget items may include salary, fringe, travel, supplies, and small pieces of equipment (less than $5,000)


Proposals must include:

Title Page which must include:

  • Title of the Research Project
  • Name, address, phone number and email address of the Principal Investigator
  • Applicants’ University/Hospital affiliation and brief description of the Organization
  • Name, address, phone number and email address of the Grants Officer
  • Name and address to be placed on the check, if awarded
  • Federal Tax ID number of the institution, if awarded

Design of the Study which must include:

  • No more than 3 pages excluding references, single-spaced, Arial font 11 pts. minimum, one-inch margins
  • Purpose or question to be asked by the study
  • Rationale/Background or relevance
  • Methodology
  • Design and data analysis procedures
  • Proposed duration of the project with timeline
  • For clinical studies, please also include a detailed description of the project including (if applicable):
    • Number of participants
    • Criteria for inclusion/exclusion of participants

In addition to the three-page limit, please submit:

  • Itemized Budget with justification of all anticipated expenses. Include explanation of how costs were determined. Overhead costs will not be funded.
  • How is this research going to impact research in Coats’ or how will it impact your future work on Coats’ Disease?
  • Lay summary (250 words maximum)
  • A literature review of related research with bibliography
  • Other current or anticipated sources of funding
  • CV of the Principal Investigator