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2021 Researcher Travel Grant Information Coming Soon!


“I would like to Thank Jack McGovern Coats’ Disease Foundation for their unlimited support. I was so excited when I knew that I was accepted to their 2020 travel grant to attend the virtual meeting of the American Academy of Ophthalmology which is the largest meeting in Ophthalmology providing updates in different Ophthalmology subspecialties including pediatric retinal diseases. The grant gave me the opportunity to attend the most important meeting of the year. This represents an important event in my career. I have attended a lot of presentations, presented posters, and instruction courses which significantly improved my knowledge and gave me the chance to meet, interact and ask questions to the most influential people in Ophthalmology. It is great to share what I have learnt with my colleagues.

It was interesting to watch the presentation by Dr. Vajzovic about pediatric epiretinal membranes and its surgical management. Epiretinal membrane is one of the complications of Coats’ Disease and it was useful to see the differences between pediatric and adult epiretinal membranes on OCT and the use of intraoperative OCT in these cases. Another presentation by Dr. Gaudric emphasized the proper use of laser for treatment of Coats’ disease. The presentation by Dr. Hartnett was extremely educational and useful highlighting a very important points in diagnosis, and management of Coats’ disease.

I am in the process of conducting a retrospective chart review on the outcomes and clinical features of Coats’ disease in middle eastern population. I have learnt a lot from the Coats’ disease related presentations in the AAO which will direct my thought process while conducting that retrospective studies. Additionally, sharing the teaching points in these presentations with my colleagues will improve the quality of care provided to our patients

Thanks again for your support and your hard efforts to expand the knowledge and awareness of such vision threatening devastating disease.” ~ Elhusseiny


“I am very grateful for the opportunity to attend the virtual AAO conference with support from the Jack McGovern Coats’ Disease Foundation travel grant. I feel that it was a great experience to learn about the latest research and advances in the treatment of pediatric retinal eye disease. In particular I found the panel discussion on emerging gene and cell-based therapies very stimulating. I also benefited greatly from learning more about laser therapy in Coat’s disease – knowledge which I feel can translate directly into my clinical practice. The virtual format this year offered the ability to attend sessions in both the pediatric and retina subspecialty days and also access to some of the educational material on demand. Overall this experience has encouraged me to attend the conference in future years and hopefully present my Coat’s disease research. It would also be really great to meet with other researchers interested in pediatric retinal disease in person if the future conference format allows for this. Thank you again for supporting me in this educational experience. ” ~ Isdin Oke, MD 



Research Grant Application Information

The Jack McGovern Coats’ Disease Foundation is pleased to announce Travel Grants to Retina and Pediatric Retina Specialists within their first five years of practice to attend the AAO 2020 Virtual Conference in November with the goal of encouraging and supporting research and improvements in care for Coats’ Disease. These grants will support junior doctors with an interest in Coats’ Disease research who need support for meeting attendance to present their work or be educated on the latest treatments and research. The grant may be used towards meeting registration for the 2020 virtual AAO conference. The application deadline is September 15.

Please see the Travel Grant application guidelines at
Please contact Dr. Deborah Marron, Executive Director, at [email protected] for additional information.


Jack McGovern (center) meets the Inaugural Foundation Travel Grant Awardees at the 2019 Advances in Pediatric Retina course in Salt Lake City. From left to right is Lauren Wright, Giovanna Enriquez, Luis Chimal, Jack McGovern, Margaret Reynolds, Omar Moinuddin, and Ella Leung.


2021 Researcher Travel Grant Guidelines Coming Soon!

Application Requirements:

  • Summary of Academic Background and Training (one paragraph) or a current CV;
  • Description of your desired travel (including a timeline for when you will depart and return) and a detailed budget (e.g. transportation, lodging/accommodations, and per diem expenses);
  • Information about your current practice;
  • Brief statement (1-2 paragraphs) detailing your experience and interest in Coats’ Disease. Include (if applicable) any prior or ongoing research, publications, or presentations relevant to Coats’ Disease;
  • Brief statement (1-2 paragraphs) summarizing why attendance to the Conference would be meaningful. The summary may include how attendance may improve your understanding of Coats’ Disease; allow you to network with current or potential future collaborators on Coats’ Disease research; or allow you to present your current work;
  • Grant Recipients will be asked to provide a brief summary of the value of the conference and its impact on your understanding of Coats’ Disease and on your research and practice relative to Coats’ Disease.

Please note: Summaries – in part or in their entirety – will be shared by the Foundation with our supporters and donors to inform them of the value of the Travel Grant Program on Coats’ Disease research and practice. 


General Information and Use of Funds: 

  • Recipients may receive up to $2,000 to support the proposed travel and/or meeting registration dues; 
  • Deadline for Applications TBD
  • Applications must be in PDF format and submitted via e-mail to Deborah Marron, Executive Director, Jack McGovern Coats’ Disease Foundation ([email protected]). Additional questions about proposal submission, proposal content and review, or applicant eligibility may be addressed to Deborah Marron at the e-mail specified above.


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