Protective Eye Wear


Protective Eye Wear


One of the first things that should happen when a patient is diagnosed with Coats’ Disease is the purchase of properly fitting protective eye wear. Doctors recommend that all patients, but particularly children, should wear protective eyewear – even if it means just wearing clear lenses – to prevent damage to the non-Coats’ eye. There are a variety of glasses with clear polycarbonate lenses that can do the job. There are also frames which are flexible and resist breaking when a 10 year old drops them and inadvertently steps on them!


Additionally, there are a variety of protective goggles which should be worn when a patient is playing organized sports or is just running around with friends doing what kids do in their free time. Many doctors recommend that Coats’ patients should ALWAYS be wearing glasses – the limited vision caused by the disease actually puts patients at a greater risk of injury.


The components of caring for a child with Coats’ Disease are varied and many. Please remember that our responsibility is to get proper treatment and care for the Coats’ eye but also to protect the non-Coats’ eye from harm. With a disease as unpredictable as this one… the non-Coats’ eye can be critical to maintaining freedom and independence!


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