Patient & Expert Videos

Below is a collection of videos to help navigate some of the often-asked questions, address common fears, share stories, and to let you know that we are in this together!


Tina McGovern: The Reason We Started

Dr. Mike Jumper: The Purpose of the Foundation

Tina McGovern: What Do You Look For?

Dr. Mike Jumper: The Brain with One Eye

Tina McGovern: What is The Glow?

Tina McGovern: I Feel Scared

Dr. Mike Jumper: Jack’s Story

Tina McGovern: It Is So Confusing

Tina McGovern: Did I Do Something Wrong?

Dr. Mike Jumper: How to Cope

Tina McGovern: Your Child May Feel Different

Tina McGovern: What Do You Tell Your Child?

Dr. Mike Jumper: How Far Have We Come?