Mentor Program

The Coats’ Ambassador Network (CAN) is launching a Patient to Patient Mentor Program for patients of any age (or Coats’ parents) to speak with a patient who has been living with Coats’ for several years. The program was suggested by Scott McCrady, a patient who was diagnosed at age 3 and is now 31, and a member of the CAN. 

I wish that I could have spoken with another patient when I was a kid and was receiving treatments. I think that hearing from another patient about his or her story would have been encouraging. When I first heard about Jack McGovern, that made a big difference for me. I realized I wasn’t alone in this experience of living with a rare eye disease.”


Patients who are interested in speaking with another patient who was diagnosed as a child or as an adult can submit the interest form. You will then be contacted by another patient within a few weeks. For additional information, please email us at [email protected].