Let’s Make Coats’ Disease Awareness Day a National Day of Recognition!


Several years ago, Coats’ parent, Elke Gibbs Namola, led a successful campaign in Virginia to have August 17 recognized as Coats’ Disease Awareness Day. As a result, Virginia joined California, Jack McGovern’s home state, as the only two states in the country with this recognition. Elke has now taken on the challenge to move this campaign to the national level. She has laid the groundwork with legislators from both parties to bring forward a resolution to Congress that would make August 17 a National Coats’ Disease Awareness Day. She would appreciate our help in making the case to Congress.

If you would like to help, please send us the following information by emailing us at [email protected] by May 31:

1. Your name, city, and state
2. What would National Coats’ Disease Awareness Day mean to you?

Elke and her son, Jaxon, a Coats’ patient, will each be writing their own ideas about this. Let’s hear from you!

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