Help us fund the National Tissue Bank for Coats Disease with the Wilmer Eye Institute


In addition to our major efforts towards finding a cure – the Genentech Study and the newly established Patient Registry — we are excited to announce the Jack McGovern Coats Disease Foundation National Tissue Biobank in partnership with the Wilmer Eye Institute. The prestigious Johns Hopkins Wilmer Eye Institute has applied to JMCDF for a grant to build the first Coats disease tissue biobank.

Why is this important? While much has been learned about Coats over the years, there is still much to study and test to ultimately find a cure. The lack of available human tissue to study Coats is a major barrier. This new tissue biobank will be an unique resource offering investigators at the Wilmer Eye Institute, as well as vision scientists at institutions across the country, with patient samples to answer a wide range of questions and to identify new therapies for Coats disease. Wilmer will lead the way by inviting collaboration amongst coats disease research labs around the country. The Jack McGovern Coats Disease Foundation National Tissue Biobank will provide samples to visual scientists and pharmaceutical companies who currently concentrate on other retinal vascular diseases and shift some of their attention towards helping patients with coats disease.

Once the Tissue Bank is established, as a Coats patient you will be asked to donate tissue or eye fluid that now may be extracted as a regular part of an exam and otherwise discarded. That valuable tissue or fluid will be transported to the Institute and used in future studies.

JMCDF has agreed to fund one year of the two year program for $25,000. In addition, we have received $12,500 in matching grant funds that will go to the second year of the effort. And here’s how our wonderful Coats Community can help. The $12,500 is a matching gift. We only get the $12,500 if we raise an additional $12,500 to match it.

Please help us raise the funds to match this donation to fully fund the this new biotissue bank and advance Coats research. Your donation of any amount will help. $50, $100, $250, $500 – whatever you can give, will go directly towards this matching grant and allow us to fully fund the Tissue Bank. To donate, simply click here (Wilmer Institute Coats Tissue Bank Match Funds).

Thank you for all your support. We are working to make a difference every day. This Tissue Bank will be a fantastic step forward.

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