Get Coats’ Disease Awareness Day in your State!

August 17 has been recognized in six states (California, South Dakota, Virginia, Wisconsin, Tennessee, and Missouri) as Coats’ Disease Awareness Day. Are you interested in how to make that happen in your state? We can help you do that!

Here are some resources to help you. If you have any questions or need any assistance, please contact us at [email protected]

  • Remember, each state is different. Proclamation requests are reviewed and processed at varying times and speeds. The first place to begin your state’s process is to contact your State Representative to identify which department handles Proclamation requests.
  • On application, be sure to select “Organization” and not “Individual” under Proclamation Information section


We can provide copy/paste content for the application.  Contact Deborah at [email protected] get started or for a copy of the template.

If the application is online, we can fill it out for you and use your information as the requestor from your state.


View the webinar video:

Get an Awareness Day in Your State Webinar Slides



View current Coats’ Disease Awareness Day Proclamations


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