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Coats’ Disease Awareness Day

August 17, 2018

What is Coats’ Disease Awareness Day?

Coats’ Disease Awareness Day takes place on August 17th to shine a light on this rare disease. It is a day for all Coats’ patients, parents, families, friends, physicians, and anyone who knows someone with Coats’ Disease to spread the word about this disease and help our efforts to donate funds for research.

Our vision is to find a cure for Coats’ Disease, a rare eye disorder that can cause blindness.


There is no cure for Coats’ Disease yet and many cases go undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. Raising awareness may lead to an early diagnosis and prompt treatment so that a child’s vision may be saved.


  1. You can get involved by making any kind of donation to help us get one step closer to finding a cure for Coats’ Disease. We also accept donations online, by check, or by contacting us directly. We encourage donors to set up a monthly donation schedule through our website.  Donate here. 
  2. And, use the fun toolkit below!


This month, use the flyer below and take a photo of yourself, your child, your family, your co-workers, or anyone who has Coats’ Disease or who is helping us bring awareness to this rare disease.

1. Download and Print the Flyer

2. Write anything you’d like in the blank space that defines what Coats’ Kids are.
Coats’ Kids Are…Soccer Players
Coats’ Kids Are…Scientists
Coats’ Kids Are…Strong

3. Take a photo!

4. Post your photo on social media.
And, use the hashtag “#CoatsKidsAre”, or email us your photo at [email protected]

5. We’ll comment, repost, like, and promote your photo to the Coats’ community.

Social Media


Email us at [email protected].

To Donate

Donations are accepted year round online, by check, or by contacting us directly. The Foundation is a California Non-Profit Corporation and a recognized IRS 501(c)(3) charitable organization. All donations are tax deductible. All donations are used to fund research to find a cure for Coats’ Disease.

Scott’s Story

“My name is Scott Jerome McCrady and I was diagnosed with Coats’ disease when I was 5 years old and couldn’t pass my elementary school eye exam. My parents took me to an optometrist and then a retinal specialist in my home town. The retinal specialist suspected Coats’ disease and referred us to a specialist…”

Read more about Scott’s story…

Board of Directors

We are deeply grateful to the JMCDF Board of Directors, who volunteer their time and expertise to advance the mission of the foundation.



August 17, 2018