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Coats’ Disease Awareness Day

August 17, 2022 @ 12:00 am - 11:59 pm

What is Coats’ Disease Awareness Day?
Coats’ Disease Awareness Day takes place each year on August 17 to shine a light on this rare disease. It is a day for all Coats’ patients, parents, families, friends, and physicians to spread the word about this disease, help raise awareness, and fund research to find a cure. 

Why is this day important?
There is no cure for Coats’ Disease yet and many cases go undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. Raising awareness may lead to an earlier diagnosis and prompt treatment so that a child’s vision may be saved. Funding research is critical to identifying improved treatments and to finding a cure for Coats’ Disease.
How can you help?
Get involved! There are many ways to promote Coats’ Disease Awareness and support the Foundation’s efforts.


1. Share your Coats’ Disease story.
Telling your story will help others understand the disease better and why it is so important to continue research into this disease. To submit your story, visit our website.


2. Promote Coats’ Disease Awareness Day all month long.
August 17 isn’t the only day to promote Coats’ Disease Awareness Day! Let’s spread the word! Change your Facebook profile to one of our ribbon images, share on all of your social channels, and email them to your friends and family. Let’s spread the word!
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3. Be an active participant in our fundraising and awareness opportunities. 
There are many ways to become an active participant in our fundraising efforts to find a cure for Coats’ Disease.

16th Annual Golf Tournament & Dinner. Registration is still open for the September 15 event! If you are local to Burlingame, you can either register as a golfer or simply attend the dinner. If you aren’t able to attend, we have wonderful sponsorship opportunities for personal or businesses (or you can make a donation)! For more information, click here.

Facebook Fundraisers. Consider celebrating a special occasion, such as a birthday, by creating a special Facebook Fundraiser to benefit the Foundation! Learn more here!

Cure Coats’ 5K. Keep any eye out for the 2023 Cure Coats’ 5K announcement! This fun event allows members of the Coats’ community from around the globe to join together in a singular effort, raise awareness about Coats’ Disease within their own communities, and support research funding to find a cure.

4. Help make Coats’ Disease Awareness Day official in all 50 states!

While we celebrate this day globally, August 17 is currently official days of proclamation in the following US states: California, Virginia, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Tennessee. Applications are in process for Missouri, Maryland, and Texas. To learn more about how you can help get your state on the list, please click here.


5. Donate
Funds raised have enabled us to:

• Provide grants for research to improve treatments & find a cure;

• Endow scholarships to Ophthalmologists to inspire them to specialize in Coats’ Disease;

• Maintain a comprehensive Doctor Directory of specialists;

• Sponsor events to raise awareness and educate physicians, researchers, and students;

• Engage a network of volunteers around the world to help us achieve our mission; and

• Establish education grants for young researchers to attend important conferences.

These generous gifts are helping us change the lives of Coats’ Disease patients and families for the better. Please consider making a donation today!



August 17, 2022
12:00 am - 11:59 pm