Coats’ Ambassador Network (CAN)

What is CAN?
The Coats’ Ambassador Network (CAN) is a group of geographically-diverse volunteers – patients, parents, spouses, family members, friends, and supporters. The goals of the CAN are to raise awareness of Coats’ Disease in their communities, raise funds in their communities for research to find a cure, and support other patients and their loved ones so that no one travels the Coats’ journey alone.

Here are a few examples of how current CAN members are helping:

  • Hosting patient meetups at a local Coats’ specialists’ offices, parks, etc.;
  • Fundraising – creating their own local fundraisers and/or participating (and inviting others to participate!) in the Foundation’s fundraisers;
  • Communicating with, and supporting, fellow Coats’ patients and their loved ones who need to talk to someone who simply understands;
  • Participating in brainstorming meetings to identify key outreach opportunities and strategies to spread awareness of Coats’ Disease and support patients and families. Current resources that were suggested by CAN include the Patient and Family Contact Directory, New Patient Information Packet, pediatrician outreach, among others;
  • Helping to promote Foundation resources and events to their local communities; and
  • Utilizing their own social media to help spread awareness

How can I get involved?
There are many ways to become involved in the Coats’ Ambassador Network in your community depending upon your available time and your interests. We hope you’ll consider becoming part of CAN and will let us know more about you by filling out the form today!


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