In 2006, Jack McGovern was diagnosed with a rare retinal disease in his left eye called Coats Disease. His parents and family quickly learned that this is a disease that’s found most often in young boys and that there is no known cure. Luckily, Jack’s Coats Disease was discovered fairly early. Medical treatments and procedures for Coats Disease have limited his vision loss with the hop that some, and possibly all, of his vision will return when more treatments are discovered.

In spite of his illness, Jack has never let Coats Disease hold him back. He is an All-American athlete, played D1 Lacrosse at Holy Cross University and now, as an adult, continues to provide inspiration to others in the Coats Disease community, proving that you can achieve your goals as a person living with Coats Disease. He takes pride in the Foundation’s work to help others around the world and in being able to reach out to young patients with Coats Disease to provide hope and a positive outlook.

Today, Jack is 23 years old and is a graduate of the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts with a BS in Political Science. He works at Karp Capital Management in Sausalito, California.