A year in review: 2014

We would like to say the warmest thank you for supporting us in 2014 and always. As we reflect on the past year, we are very optimistic about the strides we have made toward a cure for Coats Disease. We wanted to share some of the great highlights with you!

We hosted our most successful JMCDF Golf Tournament to date

This year was our 8th annual golf tournament and we raised over $50,000. Your support allowed us to fund the first of its kind study on the genetics behind Coats Disease led by the doctors of biotech giant Genentech.

We gathered key research data toward a cure

Through the Genentech study, we completed blood collection from patients and their families. This blood will now be studied to seek answers for a treatment. The strides made in this study wouldn’t be possible without you.

We created the groundwork for a medical advisory board

We are creating a medical advisory board and initiating partnerships with other advocacy groups around the country including the Know the Glow Foundation. Together we aim to build awareness of Coats Disease in schools and clinics where early detection can lead to early treatment and retention of sight in children.

We planned a Coats Disease Awareness Day

We have a statewide Coats Disease Awareness Day in the works in an effort to increase grant making for qualified researchers. We also seek to strengthen our partnerships through social media with Coats patients and their families.

We are proud to be a go-to resource for those who suffer from Coats. Our board donates their time because of their firm believe in this mission, so 95 percent of your dollars go directly to supporting our work.

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